Supporting You through the Pandemic

You've seen the memes, but you're living it. Your house is a mess. The dog is barking during your important Zoom meeting. Your eyes burn from staring at a screen all day. You feel claustrophobic from wearing a mask all the time. You went from the working world to being mostly confined to your home. Now you need to figure out how to be a professional, parent, and teacher all at the same time. When you leave the house, you are constantly fearful of catching the virus. Maybe you've lost a loved one to it. If you hear "in this unprecedented time" or "the new normal" again, you are going to scream.

Whatever you are going through, we can make it better. It won't be easy (I know! I'm living it just like you!), but together we can look at ways to ease fears, anxiety and stress. I offer telehealth video sessions through a secure platform for increased convenience and access to support. Call to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation.