Therapy For Therapists

"But you're a therapist, you must have it all together?"

"You probably don't have any of these problems because you are a therapist."

"Can't you just therapize yourself?"

Being a therapist or healing professional is hard work. Gutting, sometimes. We hear the saddest stories, help people recover from the most horrific trauma, bear witness to difficult situations, and hold space for so, so many. Just because we "went to school for this" and have specialized training does not mean that we don't need our own support. In fact, getting support is often critical to being able to remain in a healing profession long-term, as well as prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. Plus, we are human. We go through our own hardships just like everyone else. We have our own relationship stress, difficult family dynamics, break-ups, losses, life transitions, struggles with perfectionism and self-esteem, postpartum anxiety and depression, parent guilt, and every other type of suffering common to human existence.

Support from someone who understands.

Often, finding a therapist as a therapist is really, really hard. I know, I've done it! First, you have to admit that you, as a helper, need help. Then you need to find a therapist that is non-judgmental, qualified or seasoned, will fully maintain your privacy, has understanding of ethics around treating another therapist, has authentic empathy, and does not see you as "an easy case." Many of our peers do not specialize in therapy for therapists. In the last several years, working with other therapists has become a passion and specialty of mine, both in therapy and as a supervisor. I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to process your own struggles amidst the backdrop of being a healing professional. Whether that means focusing on your own struggles and life challenges, venting and getting support around that client that pushes your buttons or you are not sure how to help, talking systems issues or terrible bosses, raging about working with insurance, or having space to process issues that are triggered or activated by your work. I provide an opportunity to receive empathic, neutral and objective feedback as well as receive support from a colleague that fully understands the demands and unique nature of our work. If this seems like a fit for you, I'd love to help. Please reach out and schedule a consultation.