Anxiety & Perfectionism

You have been called conscientious. A perfectionist  with an amazing attention to detail. You are hard working, goal-oriented, and a go-getter. However, what no one sees (outside of the occasional nail-biting, cuticle picking, and fidgeting) is the panic you feel before a big event or social gathering, the constant barrage of obsessive thoughts and worries that plague you, the self-doubting, the fears that you are not good enough, and the belief that at any time, things could go terribly, horribly wrong. 

Anxiety can manifest itself in countless ways that are not always obvious to others. Often, people who experience a high level of anxiety, stress, burnout and depression  may fly under the radar because from the outside everything appears "fine." What others don't see is the insomnia and the intrusive thoughts and fears that flood you the moment you are unoccupied. While anxiety may have served you at timeshelping you to be driven, motivated, and successful it also takes its toll. 

I can help. You don't have to suffer alone anymore. Together we can identify the sources of your anxiety. We can find ways to silence your inner critic. Together we can face your fears around failing, disappointing others, making mistakes, and not being good enough. Together we can set more reasonable goals that include self-care, self-compassion, mindful living, and helping you to  find more joy in your life.